May 1, 2012

I Like A Pretty View!

Frank has been a real estate investor since long before I met him. One of my contributions is encouraging him to buy homes that have a view!

The house we are trying to sell in Bryce Resort has a mountain view, which I absolutely love! Here we're looking at that view in winter, complete with a visiting squirrel.

We've moved to the Lake House, which also has a view of a mountain, with the added attraction of a lake (below). I found it in the real estate listings a couple of years ago and insisted that we go see it because I know he likes spending time by the water.

We also own a waterfront home in the Northern Neck. I found that one in real estate listings too. Originally we planned to live there full time but it turned out to be too isolated for my tastes. Right now it's rented out.
View from Egret Court, Montross, VA


  1. i have the mountain view but no squirrels....too dry for them here....i do have a crazy amount of dove or pigeons,whatever they are everywhere and you hear them everywhere you go.i love animals so i don't mind it.

  2. I like animals too, but my dogs don't like seeing squirrels that close to the house. They didn't mind birds except for crows, which are really big!


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