May 18, 2012

How Do I Complain to Google?

I've looked at Google's Support pages and I can't figure out how to report a problem. Here's the situation and maybe someone can help me.

I searched for images of Mt. Zion Cemetery in Aldie, VA. Several of my photos came up among dozens of others, which is fine. I'm happy to have people find my pictures. BUT three-quarters of the way down the page of search results I see one of my photos credited to another site. That site turns out to be another search engine of some sort called Why is Google presenting results from another search engine anyway?

Thumbnails of my photos should link to my site (in this case, not someone else's. Someone tell me how to fix this!

By the way, our Civil War class returns to Mt. Zion Church tomorrow morning for the start of a field trip. And on Sunday we are going to the Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, MD.


  1. I am sorry for what happened to your photos. I never heard about this before. We must be careful.

  2. I suspect it's just a glitch, but I can't find a place on Google's site to report it.


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