April 2, 2012

Scenes at East Cavalry Battlefield

I took these pictures on a field trip to Gettysburg last year. We were continuing our study of the role of cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign which had begun in Brandy Station.

The marker is one of several on Cavalry Field.

Army of Northern Virginia
Stuart's Horse Artillery

Beckham's Battalion McGregor's Battery
Two Napoleons and Two 3 Inch Rifles

July 3 The Battery took an active part in the fight arriving about 2 p.m. and keeping up its fire until the ample supply of ammunition furnished on its way here in the forenoon was exhausted. It withdrew from the field under orders about nightfall.
Losses Killed 5 Wounded 7 Total 12
Horses killed and disabled 11

One of Dr. Poland's Diagrams, Cavalry Battle

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