March 1, 2012

A Couple of Blog Changes

After I removed the Captcha requirement from the Comments page, I started getting spam comments, five or six a day. They were usually ads containing URLs and were from "Anonymous." So now you have to sign in before you can comment on a post. Sorry if this is inconvenient but the spam was a real pain.

Meanwhile, I am following an art blog which taught me about Pinterest and why I should be concerned about people borrowing my pictures. Pinterest makes it so easy!

My images are copyrighted. Usually I will give permission to borrow them for personal use, and larger versions are available at a price. Many of my pictures have a copyright symbol on them with my name. But that doesn't stop people from downloading them without asking, or, it seems, posting them on Pinterest. I found six of them there by following the advice on "Making a Mark" including one with my copyright notice clearly displayed. Since then I have added a code to prevent "pinning." I wonder if people don't know what copyright means!
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