March 7, 2012

Blog Post #3300

This is my thirty-three-hundredth post on this blog! I started it in 2005 and I still blog almost every day.

I think blogging has lost some of its popularity because there are other ways of sharing your thoughts and interests online, such as Facebook.  I find the habit of blogging is good for me. It helps me to keep up with my photos and allows me to share interesting places and events with anyone who happens to search for them. The vast majority of visitors to this blog come via Google search results.

I've added a new tag to my Frequent Topics list: Library.  I'm an unofficial photographer for our library here in Basye and I've posted a number of pictures of various library events.
Facepainting, Dr. Suess Event
Clicking on the Library tag will help people find those pictures, and I assume that the folks who are in the pictures will be looking for them or sending relatives here to see them.

Normally I expect people to ask for permission if they want to download my photos, but if you or your children are in a picture, feel free to download it. Click on it first to make it bigger. And thanks for being in the picture!

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