February 21, 2012

Views from the Effinger Trail

The Effinger Trail in Woodstock's Riverview Park consists of two loops, each a third of a mile long. The trail was muddy on the day we visited and we only walked the first loop. It's fairly level as far as the viewpoint shown here, where you look down on the North Fork of the Shenandoah.

After that the trail heads downhill into a ravine where the second loop starts at a footbridge. The first loop heads upwards for a short but steep climb back to the starting point.
The low-water bridge crossing the river leads to Seven Bends State Park... almost! The park is not open yet, but you'll see it on maps. I hope the bridge will be replaced! A low-water bridge is only passable when the river is low, and the Shenandoah is known to flood at times.

The 1,066-acre park will feature nearly four miles of river frontage. "Seven Bends" is an old term referring to the many bends of the river, but there are more than seven.
October 2011 Press Release: Seven Bends State Park Dedicated

Frank on the Effinger Trail, Shenandoah County, VA

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