January 30, 2012

Tall Railroad Cars

This train has double-stack rail cars. It's crossing an overpass at the Front Royal Golf Club, which is near the Virginia Inland Port. There the containers are moved to tractor trailers, but of course they will not be double stacked any more. Trucks need to pass under bridges and such, after all.
double decker train on overpass

We've driven past the Inland Port and I associated it with large trucks, but until I saw this train I didn't think about the port's role in train-to-truck transfer (and vice versa). I once lived near Potomac Yard in Alexandria which served the same function back then.
About the photograph: The reflection is not a pond. I had just gotten out of our car when the train approached and I grabbed the shot. Then I took another one that doesn't show the sunroof but I actually like the "special effect."

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