January 13, 2012

McNeill Marker in Harrisonburg

I've been interested in McNeill's Rangers since learning their story on a field trip in 2010. The Rangers were very active in West Virginia but also ventured into Virginia and Maryland. In 1864, John "Hanse" McNeill was severely wounded in Mt. Jackson, and I've posted pictures of the McNeill's Last Charge Marker and related sites at Rude's Hill. Capt. McNeill was taken to Harrisonburg, where he died. When I saw on HMDB that there was a marker in Harrisonburg relating to that, I decided to photograph it on one of my trips there. (We drive to Harrisonburg almost weekly for shopping.)

The marker stands in front of the Massanutten Regional Library on Main Street (U.S. 11 Northbound). It mentions that the wounded McNeill was brought to Hill’s Hotel on the corner of Main and Water Streets. After he died there his son, Lt. Jesse C. McNeill, took command of the Rangers.
You can read the entire text of the marker on Historical Marker Database. Hill's Hotel is long gone, but I took a picture of the corner of Main and Water Streets as it appears today.

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