December 8, 2011

Blog Post #3200

Not a Fashionista

Sometimes on anniversary posts I write a little something about myself, so today I will admit something that I am not: I am not fashionable. It's not that I don't care about clothing, it's more that I don't bother with trends. I care more that clothing is comfortable and practical.

Yeah, I've seen the stereotype of a little old lady in tennis shoes. I don't quite fit that profile, at least not yet. You're more likely to see me in shoes from Europe than tennis shoes, but that's for practical reasons too. European shoes have more toe-room than American shoes, and I've found some that are more versatile than tennis shoes. I've purchased Arcopedico shoes over and over, not the knit ones you see in airplane magazines but leather slip-ons or, in the summer, stretch fabric ones when I can find them, which is online (and on sale).

There are other items that I buy over and over, like nice knit pants, but not sweat pants or anything that's clingy. They need to be cotton or a blend so they don't gather static, and preferably with texture. Cords or crinkle cloth are my favorites because they don't cling. (Only thin people should wear tight pants, and I haven't been thin since I was 12!) When I find a style that fits and launders well, I usually buy more, in all the neutral colors I can find. I like pants to be neutral so that they go with whatever shirt suits my mood.

Speaking of shirts, they must not require ironing. Again, cotton knits fill the bill, although lately I've avoided pullover shirts because I have a sore bicep which hurts when I try to wrestle a shirt over my head.

Since I like to wash shirts after every wearing, I look for fabrics that come through the wash really well. This means no acrylic which tends to pill and attracts static. Fabric softener is not an option for me because my skin is sensitive to chemicals and my nose is sensitive to odors, so I choose low-static fabrics like cotton and rayon. Besides, static is bad for computers.

For underthings, I like Decent Exposures for their sew-to-order service. They'll do latex-free and if something doesn't fit, they'll fix it.  For socks, the most comfy for me are elastic-free and cotton, like old fashioned Buster Browns. They are still sold online (at Shop National, for instance).

My coats tend to look conservative because if they are not, my husband makes his favorite put-down remark: "You're not going out in THAT, are you?" 


  1. I'm all for comfort over fashion too :)
    Interesting about the shoes, I buy mine from Clarks where there is a range of wide fit shoes for those of us blessed with broad feet.
    Cotton has always been a must because of the eczema which ran in our family.
    You know what we need, Linda? A celeb to have a few of the same challenges who'll wear the same as us - then we'll be fashionable :lol:

  2. Yes, that would be interesting!

    My feet are only wide in the toes, so wide widths slip on my heels. I am old enough to remember when one could buy shoes that were built on combination lasts, wide at front but narrow at the heels. I also remember "C" widths which often fit me. Now there's little available between B and D widths, at least here in the states.


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