November 11, 2011

Battle of Riverton, WV

In October we drove into West Virginia via the Brock's Gap route (described here) for some foliage viewing. My destination was Germany Valley. We had lunch in Moorefield and stopped to view Seneca Rocks. By the time we reached Germany Valley, rain was moving in so the only photos I took were at this site, the location of a Civil War skirmish near the small town of Riverton.

riverton plaque
The "Battle" of Riverton
First Union Raid into Pendleton County
At this site on March 2nd, 1862, Union forces numbering forty were attacked by local Confederate infantry and two units of cavalry. In the skirmish that resulted, Union troops rallied forcing the Confederates from the field. Two local men, Perry Bland and Thomas Powers were killed in the battle.

This little video is simply to show the location of the site, which is on the road to Seneca Caverns.


  1. Lugar lindo!!!
    e pensar que já foi palco de uma batalha!

  2. Glad you like it! Yes, to "think that has played host to a battle." That's one of the things that fascinates me about our Civil War sites -- they are so pretty and peaceful now.


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