June 15, 2011

Maymont, the Mansion

Historic Home in Richmond, VA

The elaborate mansion at Maymont Estate is open for public tours and we were happy to get out of the hot sun and see what it offered. The opulence of the gilded-age interior was almost overwhelming. The Dooleys were very wealthy and liked to demonstrate it in their furnishings. And they left their estate intact to the city, so the collection is extensive. There are even a few pieces from their summer home, Swannanoa on Afton Mountain.

There's some incredible artwork to see in the mansion, including lovely stained glass. There are even a few furnishings I would call tacky, but of course, tastes change over the years so who am I to judge?

Yes, you should visit Maymont when you're in Richmond. And there are other great places in Richmond, so it's worth going out of your way to spend a few days there.

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