May 15, 2011

A Vestige of the Fur Trade

I enjoy "living history" museums and events. They seek to entertain while educating, and while the exhibits are probably not completely accurate, they do provide an intriguing glimpse  into the past.

Fort Nisqually recreates an example of a fur trading outpost.  A marker at the entrance to Fort Nisqually starts out with the following:
"Fort Nisqually was established in 1833 by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) of London, England. The fort was one of a vast network of HBC trading posts which stretched across North America by the mid-nineteenth century. It was originally located on Puget Sound about 17 miles south of where you are now standing, near the present town of Dupont. Fort Nisqually began as an outpost of the fur trade which drove the HBC all the way across the North American continent in pursuit of beaver pelts. The main suppliers of the furs were native tribes who traded the pelts for wool blankets, guns and other manufactured goods offered by the HBC."

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