May 3, 2011

Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage

keeper's cottage
Browns Point Cottage, near Tacoma

The home of the lighthouse keeper is available as a vacation rental. It is open to visitors once a week.

An interpretative sign tells about the first light keeper to live there.
Oscar and Annie Brown arrived at Browns Point on a United States Government boat October 26, 1903 with their personal belongings, furniture, an upright piano, and a cow lowered to the beach by a sling. For 36 years Oscar and Annie tended the light and developed and nurtured a landscape that originally consisted of a tideland and a lagoon.

The Browns Point Light Keepers Cottage


  1. It is interesting to know that the home of the lighthouse keeper is available as a vacation rental.

    Staying there during the weekend would be nice.

  2. Yes, we met a woman and her grandson who were staying there and they enjoyed it.


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