April 19, 2011

Water Over Crooked Run Road

On Sunday I put Ben in the car and started to drive down to Deauville Farm to take some things to Gail. As I neared Stony Creek I saw a sign that said the road was closed due to high water. Well, that wasn't too surprising – we had several downpours recently, especially on Saturday, and even before that some low roads had been closed due to flooding.

Water still covered this low water bridge. Take a look at the video.
As you can see, a vehicle crossed the bridge successfully. However, I turned around and went back through the resort and up Stonewall Road. For one thing, my car is low to the ground, but just as important, a bridge can be severely damaged by flooding and debris and you can't tell with water covering it.

A photographer got some dramatic shots the day before of Stony Creek farther downstream.

2008 Post: Normal Views of Stoney Creek

Recent News: Three Rescued from Waging Waters in Shenandoah County


  1. I'm glad you didn't try to cross! Flooding water scares me.

    I followed your link and had to share that I met Gail last fall! Her neighbor Jackie is a friend, and she took me over to meet Gail and the deer. It was just after the first hard frost, so I didn't get to enjoy the vegetable garden, but if any of my seedlings don't make it this year, I know where I'm buying more.

    It's a small world!! Hope to meet you sometime.

  2. Flooding water scares me too!

    Gail says this is the last year she'll have the deer. They just cost too much to feed.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that, but she did mention the cost when I was there. I did my little bit to support her -- the venison chili was great :)


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