April 23, 2011

A View from the Window Seat

Personally, I enjoy sitting next to a window on a plane. However, my husband likes sitting next to the aisle because that gives him a little extra elbow room. If we are to sit together, one of us ends up in the undesirable middle seat.

In spite of my love for having a view, I've learned that the window seat comes with a disadvantage on long flights: you can't get up and move around without inconveniencing a stranger. If that stranger happens to be asleep when you need to make a trip to the restroom, you have to either bother him by waking him or bother yourself by waiting for an indefinite period of time.

So on our flights in March, I only reserved the window seat on the short flight from Long Beach to Seattle. On the long flights, I compressed myself into the middle seat and let Frank enjoy the extra inches of being on the aisle. It worked out okay.

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