April 15, 2011

Notes on Our Recent Flights

Our vacation in March combined two destinations: Southern California and Tacoma, WA. In both places we visited relatives and did some sightseeing.

Making the plane reservations was a challenge because we wanted good rates AND convenient flights. In the end, I used two airlines: JetBlue for DC to Long Beach and Long Beach to Seattle, and Southwest for Seattle to DC.

I hadn't flown Southwest before but have flown JetBlue several times. I like JetBlue! We've enjoyed good service on their flights and the planes have amenities like TV and music.

I was less impressed with Southwest. There were fewer amenities (no TV or music) and the snacks were more limited; nothing wheat-free for me! (JetBlue has plain cashews and blue potato chips which I can enjoy.) Even Southwest's peanuts had a coating that I couldn't have eaten, although I generally don't eat peanuts anyway. Of course, I carried some allergy-safe snacks with me so I didn't go hungry.

This was before Southwest had the hole-in-the-roof incident or I might not have considered them as an option. They do offer a senior rate which Frank took advantage of.

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