March 23, 2011

Surfing on the iPad

Although we've had our iPad for almost three months, I'm only now using it heavily on the web. Frank has enjoyed it all along as an e-reader, but I didn't use it much.

Finally I started taking advantage of it's ability to reach the Internet when we are away from wi-fi. After all, that's why we paid extra to get a model with 3-G capability. I signed up for a month of AT&T 3-G use and took the iPad on the road.

It works well. Although the speed can be slow compared to DSL, it is faster than dial-up,at least as I remember it.

The GPS feature is very cool. It shows your location on a map and can give you directions. I suppose this is old hat to those who have certain smart phones, but I haven't invested in one yet.

Email works fine, although sending pictures has seemed tricky so far. Browsing Facebook is fun with the touchscreen because I can move down the page quickly.

I love how fast the iPad comes on! It turns off quickly too. And the graphical interface is simple and elegant.

I found filling out forms rather difficult until I got out my Pogo stylus. It fits into boxes with precision, infinitely better than my clumsy fingertips.

Link: Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Stylus for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (Silver)

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