March 16, 2011

A Picture from over A Century Ago

James and Maggie Shaffier

In the 1990's I bought a Javins domain name because it was my last name at the time. I put up a rudimentary site and soon starting getting emails from people looking for their Javins ancestors. I created a guestbook page so that those folks could share their information. Eventually I added another Javins genealogy page, and when spam became a big problem I discontinued the submittal form and started posting the messages in HTML.

Not long ago I heard from a long-lost nephew of my former husband. He sent me some pictures including this copy of a very old photo. A note explains that this is a portrait of
James Madison Shaffier and Maggie Carrol Shaffier. James lived 1858-1928, and Maggie 1848-1906. She was Native American and he called her Star Baby. Their daughter Lucy married Charles Stewart Javins and one of their sons was George William Javins, grandfather of my daughters.

The Javins and Shaffier families migrated back and forth across Virginia several times, sometimes settling in Briery Branch or Millboro and other times in Fairfax County.

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