January 29, 2011

Red, White, Blue...

Cardinal on a Snowy Day

Cardinals are beautiful birds! And the male with his bright red feathers is so colorful - a wonderful contrast to a white snowy background.

As you can see, the first photo is whiter and brighter than the second. I adjusted the color in Photoshop in both pictures, but the blue cast remained. To some extent, it looks "natural" because on the day I took these, the snow was still falling so the sunshine was blocked. However, we prefer bright snow, and so when I adjusted the above image, I made a duplicate layer, eased the color sliders a little bit away from from cyan and blue, and then used "Screen" as the merge method. However, before flattening the layers I lessened the lightening of "Screen" on the bird using the eraser at partial transparency.

And yes, I tried the "Snow and Sand" setting on my camera but it didn't seem very effective. I could have changed the exposure manually but Photoshop lets me be more selective.

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