December 31, 2010

Hemingway's Writing Studio

In Key West, FL

Frank wanted to see the Hemingway house because he read and enjoyed some of Ernest Hemingway's books. I was interested because of a distant link between my family and Ernest's which I had found once while searching for my name on the internet.

It was my maiden name that I found, along with my siblings, listed as descendants of Ralph Hemenway, who settled in Massachusetts around 1633. I can't find that page now but there are plenty of lists of Ralph's descendants that include my great-grandmother Grata Leora Hemingway, and a few that include my dad (see link).

In any case, our kinship with Ernest is very distant. Hemingway genealogy has been published and is available online, and I see that my distant cousin Richard M. Nixon was closer to me in kinship than Ernest was! (Incidentally, I've also read that anyone who has ancestors who were in this country back in the very early years of English colonies is likely to be related to anyone else who has an ancestor here at that time. I don't recall the cut-off date but I'm pretty sure 1633 qualifies. So "Hi" to all my distant cousins out there, whoever you are!)

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