December 22, 2010

Coco Cay, A Tropical Island

Royal Caribbean calls it an exclusive island "reserved exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests" and a "tropical paradise." It's less than 200 yards wide and about a mile long. And it's in the Bahamas.

Although a variety of water sports were available (for a fee), we planned to spend our hours there relaxing on the private beach. Just us and (it turned) about 4,000 other people.

There were two cruise ships there at the same time. Our ship carries around 2400 passengers but some did not come ashore. A significant number of staff came ashore to work though, serving food and drinks, keeping the grounds clean, and taking pictures of passengers to sell to them later. (One compliment I must give Royal Caribbean is their staff: plenty of them, well-trained and hard-working.)

It took us a while to find vacant chairs and when we did, they were on a rocky section of beach. Still, the sun was warm but not overly glaring, so we enjoyed the luxury of sunbathing on the first of December.

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