October 12, 2010

Fort Pearsall

Fort Pearsall Marker

Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney

Text of sign:
“Fort Pearsall was on or in view of this site.” Job Pearsall built a fort as protection against the Indians in 1754 on Lot 16, granted by Fairfax in 1749 containing 323 acres, including part of Indian Mound Cemetery.
On May 14, 1756, Gen. Washington assigned 45 men and 5 officers, and later 94 soldiers to defend Pearsall’s fort during the French and Indian War.

View from Side of Cemetery

During the French and Indian War a series of forts was built to protect settlers along the frontier (which in this case was within present-day West Virginia, then Virginia). Fort Pearsall was constructed on high ground overlooking the South Branch of the Potomac River.

The hill's views of the surrounding valleys were apparently appreciated by earlier residents, Hopewell Indians. The Indian Mound that gave the cemetery its name is thought to date from 500 and 1000 AD [CE].

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