September 25, 2010

Photos Lost and Found

We went to a festival today. The day was sunny and warm (a bit too warm for late September actually) and there were a number of history exhibits. So I took a lot of pictures.

Patsy Cline Exhibit
Tonight I started downloading them to my computer via the Zeikos card reader that I started using as described in a previous post. But the reader kept losing the connection. I've had this problem before but this time the connection went off and on, off and on. And each time a warning message appeared saying to eject the card properly or data could be damaged.

Then the pictures would not come back. The card appeared to have been scrambled. Uh-oh! I ejected it and tried to view the images in the camera. They seemed to be gone!

I opened my image recovery software (PhotoRescue) and tried to repair the damaged card. Unfortunately, the card reader lost its connection again part-way through the process. I wasn't able to eject the card properly because the connection was too loose, so I wound up shutting down the computer and starting over. This time I connected the card reader through a cord and made sure everything remained still on the table while the recovery software did its thing.

Yes! It worked and 70 pictures were saved. It looks like one was damaged but I don't think it was important.

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