September 9, 2010

Burger King Changes It's Coffee

I drink only decaf and even then I only tolerate some brands. At home I make Folger's decaf because it tastes okay and doesn't cause me pain afterwards. The pain I speak of is high in the abdomen, around the rib cage. Sometimes it's been pretty intense, so I try to avoid drinking coffee in restaurants unless I've had it there before without bad results.

On Monday we were in Luray and stopped at Burger King. I ordered a cup of decaf and had a rude disappointment. It was not the coffee I was used to getting there. It tasted like bitter mud. I threw out most of it, partly because of the taste and partly because I need to stick to brands I know are safe for me.

I got around to checking the web tonight to see what happened and found that Burger King has ditched it's BK Joe coffee and replaced it with Seattle's "Best." That word "Best" is part of the brand name, not an actual description. Yuck! (To be fair, I don't like the other famous brand from Seattle either. Expensive does not equal good, in my experience.)

Back to the chest pain: I don't know why I get it from some coffee brands and not others. Perhaps it's the acid content causing gas, or possibly there's an additive or contaminant (propylene glycol maybe?). It even happened with a cup (actually only part of a cup) of organic decaf that I purchased in a natural foods store. Anyone else get chest pain from coffee?

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