September 27, 2010

A Civil War Doctor

Living History at Germanfest
Mount Olive, VA
Sept. 25, 2010

I was interested in the presentation on Civil War medicine because my great-grandfather was inspired to become a doctor after serving with the 84th Illinois Infantry. The historical interpreter gave an informative talk and showed examples of some of the medications. He discussed the toxicity of some and cautioned us that if we were to find a bottle of one of these buried in the ground, we should be extremely cautious.

In preparing for this post, I did a search for my great-grandfather James P. Suiter. I found him quoted in several books including Illinois in the Civil War and The Union Soldier in Battle: Enduring the Ordeal of Combat. I knew that he had left a diary and my dad's sister had given it to a history library. Well, the books show that it's in the collection of the Illinois Historical Library. I'm glad that researchers made good use of it.

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