August 27, 2010

Bear Advice from the Bryce POA

The homeowners' association here at Bryce Mountain is known as Sky Bryce. I noticed that their website has advice on "What do I do if I meet a bear face-to-face?" Basically you should make noise and back up slowly. You should also avoid cornering the bear, avoid eye contact, and speak in a calm assertive voice. (I don't know how you'll manage the calm part.)

Also the association advises us that it is illegal in Virginia to leave food out that will attract bears. This includes bird food, pet food, and garbage.


  1. Remember, Grizzleys and Brown bears don't climb trees. Black bears do. If you climb a tree while being chased by a black bear, all you will end up doing is fighting a black bear in a tree! :)


  2. Thanks. Although I'm not good enough at climbing trees to even try it so not to worry.


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