July 23, 2010

In Front of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Last Friday Marie and I went here to get some hiking info. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy Visitors Center is on Bolivar Heights in Harpers Ferry. They have trail information, maps, and some exhibits. I believe that the organization was still called the Appalachian Trail Conference when I was visited the building over two decades ago.

In front of the building on Washington Street is a historical marker titled "Harpers Ferry" which reads:
Named for Robert Harper, who settled here in 1747 and operated ferry. Site purchased for Federal arsenal and armory in 1796. John Hall first used interchangeable gun parts here. Travel route thru Blue Ridge gap, and river, canal, and railroad connections added growth. John Brown's raid and Civil War brought national attention. Post-war site of Storer College for blacks, and National Park, created in 1944.


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