May 30, 2010

Historic Mt. Zion Church

Near Aldie, Virginia

Mt. Zion has stood near Aldie and Gilbert's Corner since 1851. You might easily miss it because a traffic circle has been built at it's entrance on Route 50.

Above: Markers Commemorate Union Soldiers who were killed here in a Civil War cavalry engagement with Mosby's Rangers.

Below: Text of Historical Marker

"Mt. Zion Old School Baptist Church was founded in 1851. Just west of the church is a graveyard containing many 19th century grave markers. On July 6, 1864 nearby, Mosby's Rangers attacked and routed 150 Union cavalrymen. Over 100 Union soldiers were killed, wounded or captured. Mosby had eight men wounded, one mortally. The church is site of the annual Thomas family reunion founded 1934."

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