March 12, 2010

We Own Part of a Lake

Yesterday we walked the lakefront path again to look at the three lots I bought near our property in Waterlick. We located a couple of plastic ribbons tied to trees which are probably left from a survey. Each lot is about 100 feet wide and covers close to an acre except that part of the acreage is under water. The lot that is closest to the end of the lake has a boundary about 50 feet from the dam. The dam itself is owned by the community and is a popular location for fishing.

The lots are not as wet as they were when we last visited, for the melted snow has had time to drain off. They have numerous cedar trees plus brush and honeysuckle.

One of the people we purchased the lots from had inherited two lots from her parents. When they purchased the lots early in the subdivision's history, the lake was not built yet although it was in the planning stages. She said that her family camped on the property before the neighborhood was developed. Her husband said that now he has Parkinson's disease and is trying to simplify; he seemed relieved to sell the property.

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