March 30, 2010

Blog Post #2400

Wow, this is the 2400th entry to this blog. I've been posting here since June of 2005 - that's a long time! I feel I should finally finish introducing myself so here's a brief summary of places I've worked starting with recent history and looking back for more than three decades.
  • Currently semi-retired, doing some website work, data entry and photography.
  • In Woodbridge, Virginia, I worked in real estate
  • American Statistical Association, Alexandria - webmaster
  • Various Government Contractors in Northern VA - technical writer
  • Writer's Assistant in Washington, DC
  • Photographer for Sears Portrait Studio
  • Photographer's Assistant, Lee's Photography
  • Various Govt Contractors as Executive Assistant
  • Various Temp Jobs inc data entry and secretary
  • UWA as Admin Assistant and Secretary
  • VA Tech Extension as 4-H Club Organizer

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