March 2, 2010

Album Books

Yesterday I received my first Blog2Print book. It's a compilation of my blog entries for a specific time period. I decided to select November and December of 2009, largely because that period includes some family photos. As you can see, I chose a Christmas-themed cover; most of the cover designs are more sedate.
I'm happy with the quality of the book, although the formatting options are limited. The photographs came out well. I plan to order a few more of these books. I won't print my entire blog because the size  of the book would be huge and the cost would be very high.

Inspired by the ease of making that book online, last night I created an album at Photoworks. I was purchasing prints anyway and decided to have an album printed using wintry photos that I had already uploaded. This book does not include blog text although many of the photos are identical to ones is used on this blog except that the file sizes are larger. (I save my JPEGs in two sizes, one exceeding 500K for printing and the other under 100K for posting on my blog.)
I should receive this album in a few days.  Since I haven't put photos in a paper photo album in years, purchasing some already printed should relieve my guilt at not keeping the family albums up to date.

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