February 13, 2010

Road Closed Due to Ice

This was not a sign we wanted to see on our way home earlier this week. We had been on the road most of that day, having driven to Charlottesville and back for my medical appointments.

Until we reached the resort, all the roads had been pretty much clear (although we passed a couple of trucks that had gotten stuck in the snow next to I-81). Unfortunately, the road that was closed was the one that our little cul-de-sac sprouts from. There is another entrance to the road, but what if it were also marked closed?

"Call security and ask them if we can get through to our road," I suggested. We did, and the man on duty said that the really severe ice patch was farther down near the bottom of the ridge so we should be able to make it home.

Frank drove cautiously and we made it home safely.

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