February 21, 2010

A Path to a Bird Feeder

snow pathThe snow is finally starting to melt. I'm glad to see there is less ice to slip on.

On Thursday I finally finished shoveling a path to this bird feeder. It had been empty for over a week but since the snow was deep, I ignored this one and instead put up a new feeder close to the path that I had already shoveled to the basement door. Now I have four birdseed feeders in use plus two suet feeders! There's still a squirrel feeder that's empty because it's an additional ten feet out in the snow.

Don't worry, the squirrels aren't going hungry -- they manage to get seed and suet out of the bird feeders. They aren't bothered by that plastic "squirrel baffle" over the feeder because they can easily jump to the feeder from a nearby branch.

birds at feeder

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