November 24, 2009

Civil War in Woodstock, VA

Here we see a marker in Woodstock entitled Execution and “the Burning.” It starts out:
In the midst of the 1864 Valley Campaign, Woodstock bore witness to the horrors of war. Plagued by raiding parties of Confederate partisan rangers, guerrillas and bushwhackers, Union General Philip H. Sheridan issued orders by mid-August to execute anyone captured wearing civilian clothes and carrying a weapon.
It goes on to tell the story of Davy Getz, who was captured and executed for carrying a rifle. This is (of course) blamed on General Custer, who is still abhorred in the Shenandoah Valley for his actions against the Confederacy and his role in "The Burning." In Woodstock, Federal Cavalry "destroyed the railroad depot, warehouses, a locomotive and three boxcars on the siding."

Bonus snapshot: Below we see the old school that is across the parking lot from the marker.

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