November 6, 2009

Civil War Field Trip Noyalas-Style

The most exciting parts of Saturday's field trip were visiting places I've never seen before because they were not open to the public. Professor Noyalas had obtained permission for our group to tour there:
  1. Thoburn's redoubt position (now pasture-land along Bowman's Mill Road).
  2. The 8th Vermont Monument (on a hill behind a private home)
  3. The Stickley Farm (Residence and farm along US 11 southbound at Cedar Creek)
We also went to Belle Grove, Meadow Brook, the end point of Sheridan's ride, Ramseur's position at Miller's Mill, Cemetery Hill, and we followed the trail at the 128th New York monument.Above: Jonathan Noyalas lectures at Thoburn's Final Position
I enjoyed the field trip. Noyalas is very knowledgeable about Cedar Creek Battlefield and just had a book published called The Battle of Cedar Creek: Victory from the Jaws of Defeat.

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