October 10, 2009

Fox and Ox Rocks

We went for a scenic drive Thursday through nearby West Virginia. I pulled off at a roadside park near Petersburg to take a look at the cliffs high above the river. It turned out to be the Vernon W. Welton Park and the rock formation is known as the "Fox & Ox rocks."

The river here is the South Branch Potomac River. The names of the different branches that form the Potomac are confusing so if you need to differentiate between the South Branch, South Fork South Branch, North Fork South Branch, and the North Branch, refer to Wikipedia: Potomac River.

As you can see, the fall foliage was colorful.

I entered West Virginia at Brock's Gap on Route 259, and took WV 55 west. It is now a gorgeous modern highway between Wardensville and Moorefield. We were coming from Shenandoah County, but if you are coming from Northern Virginia, you can take VA 55 west from the second Strasburg exit.

Even after viewing the sign at the park, I was not able to make out either the fox or ox. However, when I stare at the photos I see what looks like some animal faces.

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

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