July 19, 2009

Progress Report on the Dogs

Pictured: Flash with his new hedgehog toy (before he pulled the stuffing out of it!)
When we went to Pennsylvania, we left both dogs at the kennel in Woodstock. Flash had never stayed in a kennel before, but he adjusted well. In fact, when we got him home, he played happily and seemed much less timid than he had been before. Apparently he got over being afraid of Ben (our grumpy cocker spaniel). They were allowed to play together in "the yard" at the kennel, and that must have gone well.

Ben also found his stay beneficial. The vet kept an eye on his ear infection and it improved significantly. We have to clean the ear and administer eardrops twice a day, and Ben does not appreciate this because his ear hurts when you touch it. But the infection seems to be clearing up at last.

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