May 20, 2009

The Ugly Turkey Finds a Home

When we bought our house, it came furnished, mostly with items we did not particularly want. Mounted on the fireplace wall were various antlers and a stuffed wild turkey.

mounted turkeyI found the turkey ugly although it's feathers were fine-looking. It's head and neck were hideous! And I don't enjoy gazing at a dead bird.

Frank liked it more but eventually he took it and the antlers down. He mounted one set of antlers on his office wall and took the other antlers and the turkey out to the garage. The poor old bird languished there for a couple of years, although Frank offered it to a local restaurant. They did not respond.

State law prohibits selling wild animal items in most circumstances, so we couldn't just put up an ad and sell it. Well, eventually Frank decided to just haul the turkey to the dump. I protested and suggested we give it to Gail Rose at the deer farm. The farm is on Crooked Run Road just 10 minutes from here (in Basye) so we took it over there on Monday, along with a bag of plastic flower pots that I had saved and some large antlers. She was thrilled with the turkey and will put it up where visiting school children can see it.

I felt happy that the old bird has found a useful function.

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