May 24, 2009

Class Picture, History 298

Here we see our Advanced Civil War class standing in front of Appomattox Courthouse. The building is now a visitors center run by the National Park Service.

I am in the second row. Click on a photo if you want to see it larger.

This is probably the last time Dr. Poland will conduct these trips in a 3-day format. He and his wife drive the entire route a few weeks ahead of the field trip, so the amount of time (and miles) they put into planning is incredible. Plus the very busy field trips are tiring, although the professor has better stamina than many of the students. (I cannot keep up with him!)

I hope he will continue to offer at least a single-day field trip in future years because the trips have been a highlight of each year for a long time. I started taking his classes in 1990, and have completed the entire series twice (following the Civil War chronologically). Two of the students in this photo have taken the class even longer (John B. and Arch). And Lachwan started the same year that I did.

See also our 2006 Class Picture.

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