May 31, 2009

Battlefield Center, Pamplin Park

When our class visited Pamplin Park eleven years ago, the only building that was open to the public was the Battlefield Center. The picture to the left is one that I took then.

There was a museum inside, not yet complete but promising enough that I made a mental note to return in a few years and see the rest. Well, Petersburg was a 3-hour drive from home so I never made it there. Finally our class repeated the trip this spring so I got to visit the park again and was even able to share it with Frank.

Pamplin Park has 422 acres so we didn't get to see it all. I would like to return again to see Tudor Hall and the other historic buildings.

Below is a photo I took this trip of the Battlefield Center from the front, which features a facade that evokes "the zig-zagging Confederate earthworks located a short distance away."

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