March 21, 2009

A Note about the Hemingways

I came across an 1892 article about one of my Hemingway ancestors at USGenWeb. James H. Hemingway of Hadley, Michigan was a grandfather of my grandmother Leora Morton.

James is described as "a dealer in agricultural implements" and was born in Chili, NY. His parents were James and Phebe (Hart) Hemingway, both described as born about 1792. The senior James was a native of Connecticut and his father was Isaac Hemingway.

Disclaimer: There may be inaccuracies in the 1892 article. The interviewer could have confused New York with New Jersey, for instance, or Connecticut with Massachusetts. These details do not match the information in the 1932 book, Ralph Hemmenway of Roxbury, Mass. 1634, and His Descendants compiled by Clair A. Newton, excerpts from which can be found on the web. (Pages like this one show how we are related to Ernest Hemingway and Presidents Taft and Nixon.)

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