March 23, 2009

Little Church in Fort Valley

Dry Run Christian Church, Est. 1921

This charming church is in Fort Valley, Virginia, a scenic valley nestled in the Massanutten Mountains east of Edinburg.


  1. hi fellow virginian=P that is beautiful! i think i really want to get married in the western part of va or nc where all the mountains are! do you know any pretty places to get married? hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Love,
    Belle Grove is beautiful.
    The Yellow Barn is new, spacious, and close to I-81.
    Shrine Mont is marvelous but very popular and less convenient.
    Fort Valley Nursery is new, close to I-81, and surprisingly nice.
    Some B&B's and wineries can host a wedding. Try North Mountain Vineyard.
    Glen Burnie in Winchester is awesome.


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