February 28, 2009

Gettysburg Tours

A woman emailed me after viewing my Gettysburg Field Trip pages. She wanted to find a tour guide for a group of educators for whom she is planning a trip to Gettysburg.

I was able to answer her fairly quickly because I recalled that Gettysburg Battlefield has a policy that tour guides must be licensed there. A quick search took me to the Association of the Gettysburg Tour Guides.field If you are going in a small group you can join one of the tours at the Visitors Center; a large group should make a reservation in advance.

Since her group is coming from far away, I commented that a trip to Gettysburg can easily be combined with a trip to Harper's Ferry, Frederick, or Antietam. These all offer fascinating historical sites. Frederick (Maryland) has the Museum of Civil War Medicine, the Barbara Fritchie House, and nearby Monocacy Battlefield.


  1. Hi Linda.. We hope to visit Gettysburg someday. My hubby (George) loves Civil War history--and he has been there. BUT--he needs to take me now!!!!!

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information. "icensed tour guides" can help travelers get to know more about the place and have more fun during the visit.

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