January 15, 2009

Viewing Kernstown Battlefield

Here are three well-marked places to view the Kernstown Battlefield. They all have historical markers, but the previously-mentioned Opequon Church is the most accessible in that the parking lot is always open. You can find it behind the 7-11 in Kernstown; watch for the sign to the Civil War marker.

Right: Battlefield seen from Opequon Church.

Below: View from the Pritchard-Grim Farm in Kernstown, now a battlefield park. Plan to visit between May and October (weekends are your best bet).

rural scene
roadLeft: Historical Marker at Winchester's Rose Hill Farm, Jones Road near Cedar Creek Grade (not far from Route 37). Significant in the First Battle of Kernstown, this farm is the site of Jackson's dispute with Garnett.

Rose Hill farm is occasionally open to visitors for a walking tour; see the Museum of the Shenandoah's website. A map and more information can be found on Historical Marker= Database (marker #2646).

See also my previous post on the Pritchard-Grim Farm.

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