January 6, 2009

Stonewall Cemetery

When our "Advanced Civil War" class toured the Third Winchester battlefield last spring, we didn't stay long at the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery because a rain storm was moving in. Last month I went back to the cemetery and took some photographs.

The Confederate Cemetery is part of Winchester's Mt. Hebron Cemetery. It is located between the National Cemetery (which you can easily reach from Route 7) and Pleasant Valley Road. (See map.)

monumentThe plaque above reads:
Stonewall Cemetery
3000 Confederate Soldiers Rest Here
Dedicated 1866

Left: Monument to Unknown Confederate Soldiers
Right: Marker gives a brief history of Third Winchester, starting with:
(The Battle of the Opequon)
September 19, 1864

The decisive assault in the campaign set in motion by General Grant to free the Shenandoah Valley from the control of the Confederacy took place here. This high ground was part of Winchester’s defensive rampart against attack from the east.

The text concludes with:

These Honored Remains: Destiny’s Debris When Diplomacy Fails

For more about this marker, see Historical Marker Database, Marker 2660.

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