January 12, 2009

A Bit Torn

I had physical therapy this morning and an appointment for ultrasound immediately after that. (Both appointments were in Woodstock, VA, and both for my sore shoulder.) Ultrasound is an interesting experience because you can see inside yourself on a monitor. The image of my shoulder reminded me of waves on the sea.

The doctor showed me a dark area: "That's fluid." Then he showed me another area that looked different from the smooth waves. "This is a tear."

So I have a torn tendon. His job is only to interpret the images; I'll have to wait until I see the orthopedic doctor to get her prognosis. But I was shocked to learn that a tendon was actually torn. I thought it would just be strained. It is less painful than it was a few months back. Still, it has been sore since August, and physical therapy has not enabled me to lift it straight up.

I want to avoid surgery if possible. The recovery is slow, and gaining complete range of motion is not a sure thing.

Meanwhile, I still haven't had any luck reaching a doctor or nurse at the gastroenterologist's office in Winchester, so I still don't have a prescription to cure my long-standing digestive problems. I left them an additional message this afternoon: "I have a torn tendon, so please don't prescribe one of the antibiotics that cause tendon problems."

I imagine by now they think I'm a real pain to deal with... which is certainly what I think of them, since they don't return phone calls.

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