December 30, 2008

You Can Walk There from Here but...

It's a different world down at the ski slopes. Hundreds of people are skiing and having fun. The resort core is like a busy town this week, as vacationers take advantage of the days between Christmas and New Years.

The bungee-trampoline-climbing wall combo has been moved to the bottom of the ski slopes. Looks strange but kids enjoy jumping high in the air.

I took Ben down there in the car. (I wouldn't want to walk back up the steep hill to get home.) We parked at the library and walked over to the bunny slope to see what's going on. He likes watching children.

A man asked if he was a cocker-poodle. I said no, he's just a cocker spaniel who needs a haircut.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a fun time.. great shots.

    Thanks for visiting my blog where you may have already surmised that I have a canine Ben and a SO named Frank in my life too.


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