December 12, 2008

Slow Tendon Healing

We've wanted to play Wii Sports for a while but I was afraid that swinging my arm would re-injure my shoulder. My right shoulder has been sore and unable to move normally for about four months now. Anyway, a week ago I was talked into playing Wii bowling with my left hand.

I am not left-handed but I've had to use that hand a LOT over the past four months. Extending my right arm too far can cause me severe pain, and Wii Sports is best enjoyed by swinging your arm around as you play the games. Anyway, I "bowled" left-handed better than expected and even beat Frank a few times.

On Wednesday I went back to the physical therapist. He measured my range of motion and felt that I had not progressed very much. He said he would report to my primary doctor and see if she recommends seeing an orthopedic doctor. He does not feel that physical therapy is doing much for me; I have reached a plateau. He predicts that I will gradually improve without the therapy and after that, physical therapy might help me again.

When I left that appointment, I headed straight for Peebles Department Store to get a couple of cardigan tops. I have plenty of winter pullover tops but taking them off without causing pain in the shoulder is difficult. A front-opening top worn over a tank top does not require contortions to remove, and I figure if I'm not healing fast, I might as well make it easier to get dressed. I bought a button-front aqua sweatshirt and a zip-front black one.

On Thursday I went to yoga class for the first time in a month and did a very limited version of exercise. Some of the poses are impossible at this point.

Meanwhile, Frank has come down with a sore throat and has been taking it easy the past few days.

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