December 22, 2008

Quick Health Update

We average 3 to 4 medical appointments a week between the two of us.
Two of these are for my physical therapy for tendinosis. My shoulder has improved a bit; I can raise my right arm higher than a week ago, but still not all the way up.
The physical therapist feels my progress is not as good as he hoped, so he called my primary care doctor and she referred me to an orthopedic doctor. That appointment is for January 6.

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I've also had a couple of appointments with Winchester Gastroenterology. I took the prescribed antibiotic for two weeks but I'm still having digestive problems. The doctor gave prescriptions for my symptoms. His office is scheduling another H2 breath test for me. In the meantime I am conducting an elimination diet on my own, in case a particular food or additive is contributing to my symptoms.

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