December 17, 2008

FRT21LR7AWF Bites the Dust

Our fridge is dying. The freezer has been going for a few days. We tried turning the dial to a colder setting, and then resorted to defrosting it manually. Finally we got a repair guy out here tonight. He said the compressor is bad. It costs $300 to $400 to replace it!

The irritating part is the Frigidaire is not quite two years old, purchased in early 2007. That year the warranty period was reduced to one year, so our repair is not covered.

Plus we lost much of our frozen food. Some things were still solid and could be saved, but items near the door were too squishy to keep. And some of those were things I can't buy around here: frozen non-dairy dessert, soy-free veggie burgers, and hot dogs that don't contain milk or nitrates. And two packs of turkey cutlets were partially defrosted but still had ice crystals so I broiled them - what I don't eat for lunch tomorrow will make a nice dinner for Ben.

Now we have to decide whether to fix it or just get a new fridge. In the meantime, Frank has hauled down the small fridge that was up in the garage apartment so that we don't lose more food.

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